Marine Wedding Cake Toppers

To show pride in your country, and what you do, you have the option to choose marine wedding cake toppers. One common marine wedding topper shows the marine walking his bride-to-be down the aisle and has options for hair color of bride and groom. It is the perfect addition to a Marine Corps wedding and gives you something to take home with you and remember for years to come. You can put your marine cake topper into a special place and bring it out each year on your anniversary as a memoir of your happiness.

Price Considerations

Creme and gold ribbon wedding cake.

Although you might think there was a big difference between marine wedding cake toppers and other cake toppers, there is little difference if any at all. The main difference is in the dress of the bride and groom, depending on who is a Marine. In fact, some marine wedding cake toppers are cheaper than those of a simple bride and groom. The difference lies in where you purchase the cake topper and if there is any personalization as in the case of the topper that has hair to match the color of the bride and groom. You can also find cake toppers that allow you to include the date of the marriage along with the name of the couple. The more personalization you include with your wedding cake topper no matter what the motif may be.

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Best Place to Shop

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Unless you live in a military town, it is unlikely you will find much of a selection of marine wedding cake toppers in your local bakery or bridal supply store. If you are able to find a marine cake topper, it may not be what you want or at a price, you want to pay. Online, you will find more options include various styles and personalization options, even vintage marine cake toppers. On the other hand, if you choose from among the online selections you are likely to not only find more variety in the designs but also cheaper prices. You want to take time to look several different places before you make a final choice so you can make sure you have the best cake topper at the best price. Your wedding is the biggest day of your life and you do not want to sacrifice quality for price or even force yourself to choose a design that is not what you really want.

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