Military Wedding Cake Toppers

Certainly, every branch of the service deserves an honor and the same holds true of military weddings. Choosing military wedding cake toppers that go along with the branch of service of the bride and/or groom are excellent ways to show pride and commitment. Some vendors of military wedding cake toppers are even getting into the habit of including figurines for those who are both in the military. Military wedding cake toppers are available in virtually every combination you can think of, even when the bride is the one to be in uniform.

Choose Your Branch of Service

Creme and gold ribbon wedding cake.

The military cake toppers allow the wedding couple to choose their branch of service with some vendors also offering selections for the Canadian military. These military wedding cake toppers allow the couple to show their guests they are proud of their country and proud of what they due instead of just being an ornament on top of a wedding cake. Certainly, it serves its purpose as part of the couple’s special day but it also puts a message out to the guests at the wedding reception as well. It does not matter whether you are Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines or Coast guard—there is a wedding cake topper to identify you on your wedding day. They are available if you look for them.

Mikasa wedding favors come in all sorts of options. Consider a beautiful crystal bride and groom figure set. Alternatively, go with a candy dish that contains your favorite candies. You will find candles are a great option too. These cost more, but they offer a lot more flavor and are an elegant gift for your guests.

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Designs of Military Wedding Toppers

Blue aqua wedding cake.

You will find many different designs on military wedding toppers. Depending on the vendor and the branch of service, even the dress of the bride's is different. These are not to look alike which allows each bride and groom to choose the wedding cake topper that suits her individual tastes. For your special day, you want something that portrays a piece of you and not something that everyone else thinks suits you. You may even choose to put initials on your figurines or put the wedding date on a base on which you stand them. The choices you make will personalize your wedding cake toppers and endear them more to you. This will make it even more endearing to you and your spouse.

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