Modern Wedding Cakes for Today's Brides

Contemporary Wedding Cake Designs Abound

Shopping for modern wedding cakes can take some time today; that's because there are so many options available to you! Having options is of course good, but that also means that it can be overwhelming when you're looking for wedding cakes.

There are some ways to sift through your choices for modern wedding cakes so that you can find just the right one for you. Let's go over a few quick tips.

Theme and Tone of Wedding

Creme and gold ribbon wedding cake.

Wedding cakes should always reflect the theme or tone of the wedding. Are you planning something formal and traditional or more modern? Will it be fun and casual? Many modern wedding cakes will reflect a wide variety of themes or tones, including ones that are downright playful. Have in mind your tone of the wedding before you even shop.

bride and groom at wedding.

Decorations and Add-ons

Typically wedding cakes do mean decorations and other add-ons. Today's modern wedding cakes are more than just flowers, although these too are still a favorite for many. You can add seashells for a beach wedding, butterflies for a spring wedding, and shapes like stars and flowers.

Many modern wedding cakes also use geometric shapes and patterns for a updated touch. The cake itself can even be square, and using these shapes can make it look clean and streamlined. Some brides even prefer to have very few decorations and add-ons for the cake so that it looks a bit simpler and less cluttered.

Blue aqua wedding cake.

You can also add ribbons and monogrammed cake toppers, or cake toppers that are made of acrylic. Some are even just plain shapes, such as a castle, hearts, or even religious symbols. These things are very different from traditional cakes but many modern brides appreciate the very chic and sophisticated look they offer.

There is virtually no limit to your choices when it comes to modern wedding cakes. The key to choosing the right one for you is to shop early and not settle for the first cake design you see. Since you have so many choices, you should find one that is just perfect for you!

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