Should My Wedding Party Include More Than One Maid of Honor?

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Many brides have several close or best friends...others may have three do you choose only ONE Maid or Matron of Honor?

You don't! Select two or three women (sisters or best friends) to all be your Matrons or Maids of Honor. You may have 3 or 4 sister maid of honor speeches during your toast but those are usually the best, most heart-felt toasts at the wedding reception.

Some ideas on how to do this:

Typical duties for the Maid or Matron of Honor include:

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~ Helping plan bridal/wedding showers
~ Going with you to select your gown and for fittings
~ Being there for general support pre and post-wedding
~ Standing next to you
~ Helping you with your bouquet and train during the ceremony
~ Occasionally, she wears a different gown than the other bridesmaids
~ She may hold a bigger/different bouquet
~ Signing the marriage license
~ Typically, prepares a speech/toast for the reception
~ Making sure your presents get to a designated spot after the wedding
~ Making sure your wedding keepsakes (flutes, cake set, etc.) get to a designated spot after the wedding
~Making sure the rest of the wedding party knows what they're doing during the ceremony

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There are plenty of "duties" - divide them up so no one feels left out! For instance, have one hold the ring or your bouquet during the ceremony and another arrange your gown or you can have both of them arrange your gown. You will need to select ONE to sign the marriage license...

• You will need to select ONE to stand closest to you during the ceremony...this can be done in order of height.

• Divide up the duties before the wedding too, such as who will help with flowers, invitations, favors, etc. Because everyone is so busy today, your Maids of Honor may find it helpful to share tasks.

• You can also have your Maids of Honor share equally in everything. However, this can sometimes be a more difficult alternative for the bride to manage. (Three schedules to coordinate instead of two). This problem can be solved by selecting an organized Maid or Matron of Honor to act as schedule coordinator - and let her be in charge!

• In your wedding program, list all as Maids or Matrons of Honor. The listing order can be accomplished fairly by listing in alphabetical order.

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• You might also include a few special words in their program about why you chose more than one. You can also present your bridal party at the rehearsal dinner with those special words included.

• As far as getting your Maids or Matrons up and down the aisle...have the best man escort one on each arm. If you have three, have two with the best man, and one following behind - or- have two arm-in-arm with the best man, and have the third woman on the arm of another groomsman.

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By Michelle O'Connor

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