Photo Wedding Invitations

Photo wedding invitations are a wonderful way to be able to show the people you are inviting to your wedding how much you are in love and what you will look like as a couple. It is also a way of introducing yourselves to the prospective guests at your wedding if you have not had the chance to have introductions to new friends and family members.

How To Do It

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A photo wedding invitation is to go together in much the same way as a traditional wedding invitation were to go together with one exception. That is the use of a photo of the soon to be married couple on the invitation. You may want to have a professional picture taken to put into your invitations to have the highest quality photo and to allow for you to be able to work with it better when putting it into the invitation. Many times this happens by simply cropping the photo into the invite as it is put together on the computer in a template. This way editing can occur and you are able to make the invitation any way that you choose so that it is in the image you are looking for and one that will work best for a wedding invitation. These are wedding invitations that either you can do on your own in your home or you can simply design the invitation and then send them to a printing company that will be able to put them together for you.

Perhaps the best way to create photo wedding invitations is to have them professionally taken and printed. Some photos locations do offer this service, as to some of the online wedding stationary shops. The quality of purchasing professionally created and printed invites is much higher than anything one can do at home.

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What To Include

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As with any wedding invitation, you will need to include things such as the response card as well as a self addressed stamped envelope that will allow return of the response card. Also included should be items such as where you have registrations for the wedding as well as a set of directions for the wedding as well as the reception. These are all small things that should not be overlooked in an effort to keep the confusion to a minimum and to keep the people going to where they need to be.

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