Wedding Cake Figurines, Toppers for Today's Bride

The Traditional Figurines Top the Cake in a Traditional Way

How many wedding cake figurines do you think you can find today? No doubt there are many more than the ones available to your mother and grandmother! Today's bride wants a wedding that is full of personal and unique detail, and wedding cake toppers can provide just that.

Of course shopping for wedding cake figurines can be a bit overwhelming, since you have so many options. And even if you want a more traditional set of porcelain figurines, you still have literally hundreds of choices. Before you get overwhelmed shopping for wedding cake toppers, consider a few quick tips to help you narrow your search.

Fun or Traditional?

Creme and gold ribbon wedding cake.

Yesterday's wedding cake figurines were typically very serious and somber; today's wedding cake toppers recognize that some weddings are more casual and fun. Some figurines are even comical - the groom trying to crawl down the cake, both figurines wearing boxing gloves, or one with a set of golf clubs slung over the shoulders.

More traditional wedding cake figurines still offer many choices. For instance, you can choose individual figurines that truly represent the couple such as those of different races, or one in a military uniform, or the groom actually carrying the bride rather than the two standing side by side. Think ahead of time as to what you want your figurines to look like before you shop, and you'll save some time.

bride and groom at wedding.

Letters, Initials Monograms and Other Choices

Blue aqua wedding cake.

Of course wedding cake figurines are not your only option when it comes to wedding cake toppers. You can choose individual letters or monograms, shapes, and even words such as "love" or "family." These give the cake a whimsical or chic appearance and are truly a modern touch.

This means that you can find just the right wedding cake figurines for your wedding cake no matter the theme or tone. Your beachfront wedding or formal country club affair can still be personal and unique to you, right down to the topper on your cake. So give it some thought before you shop and take your time to look, and you'll find just the right one for you!

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