Wedding Dance Tips for the Bride and Groom's First Dance

Your first dance doesn't have to be akward and stiff. If you follow these simple tips your first dance could be very enjoyable for both the bride and groom.

The first wedding dance between couples is always something special. They may take quite some time finding just the right song to be played, or may know of a special song that means something to them as a couple. However, as special as it may be, wedding dances can also be very nerve-wracking for the person that isn’t quite blessed with physical coordination and grace. Believe it or not, there are free dance lessons available and you should start looking here and then move toward hiring a professional instructor or taking dance lessons.

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Learning the steps needed for your first wedding dance is not difficult. There are a few things you can keep in mind to help you along the way. One is that this may not be the time to try to "wow" the crowd with your fancy footwork. If you're not much of a dancer, your first wedding dance may not be the time to try something complicated and that doesn't feel right to you. Instead, stick to a simple box step or something very simple that you know you can do."

It’s also good to choose a wedding dance that has simple, repeating steps. If you try to memorize a showy routine, you will probably forget everything you’ve learned once you’re on the floor and in front of the crowd. So pick a simple dance that you can do easily and that simply repeats over and over again. A simple waltz is beautiful to look at but typically involves just a simple pattern that is repeated.

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Once you choose your wedding dance, it’s time to rehearse. Both should be in the shoes they’ll wear at the wedding since this will make a difference. Remember that a train to a dress should be tucked over an arm or pinned up so that it doesn’t interfere with the dance.

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When you do rehearse for your wedding dance, the one thing you want to remember is to relax. While you may want to make a good impression on the guests and of course impress your bride or groom, you also don’t want to be so overwhelmed with how to dance that it detracts from the day. So choose something simple and remind yourself to enjoy the moment!

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