Wedding Fitness and Bridal Weight Loss Plans

Many brides and grooms today worry about wedding fitness; after all, those pictures are going to last a lifetime, so of course you want to look your best in them! But nothing is worth sacrificing one’s health so getting into shape shouldn’t mean doing anything extreme before the wedding.

Bridal Weight Loss Tip #1: Start Early!

To take charge of your wedding fitness, it’s good to start early. You know when you’re getting married, so don’t let your pre-wedding fitness wait until the last few days or even weeks before the big day. If you get started early, you can lose more weight and tone up even more than if you wait too long.

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Bridal Weight Loss Tip #2: Stick to the Basics

Losing weight for your wedding fitness is much like losing weight for any other reason. Fill up on proteins and cut down on sugar. For many people this means cutting out things like soda and sweets. Protein means lean meats such as broiled or baked chicken breast (white meat) and fish, and leafy green vegetables are also good for filling up.

Bridal Weight Loss Tip #3: Exercise

Your wedding fitness also means regular exercise. If you’re very sedentary you can’t just jump up and start running marathons as this would be unsafe. So start slow but do challenge yourself. Set goals for how you’ll increase your exercise over time.

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You can also hire a personal trainer that specializes in wedding fitness and losing weight for a wedding. He or she can evaluate where you are now and how long it is until your wedding, and what needs to be done between now and then. He or she can also coach you on how to exercise properly so that you lose weight safely and gain muscle safely as well.

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When you are working toward your pre-wedding fitness, you want to avoid crash diets, diet pills, and things such as these. They can do permanent damage to your heart and your metabolism and hurt you in many other ways as well. If you are concerned with a few extra pounds as your wedding approaches, consider shaping garments for the day. They’re made even for men, in case the groom doesn’t reach his goals for wedding fitness as well.

Wedding fitness is not as difficult as you may assume, if you start early and follow a few other simple tips. Being concerned with pre-wedding fitness shouldn’t mean doing anything damaging to your health.

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