Wedding Candle Favors

Wedding candle favors are a beautiful and even elegant option for your wedding reception. Guests will love receiving a candle as a token of your special day. Since these are gifts you are giving your loved ones who came to your ceremony and reception, be sure to take some extra time to purchase a candle that is truly magical and beautiful for them. Luckily, there are many candle favors available today that can serve your needs easily.

Candle Favor Ideas

For those looking for a few unique design options in candles for their wedding favors, here are some ideas that can help you.

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  • Consider beautiful candles with hand painted pictures or symbols on them. It can be truly beautiful to select a cherry blossom candle, for example, which can work very well with a wedding theme you may have. Select candles that contain your own wedding theme on them.
  • Candle and candleholder wedding favors are another option and they are popular. You will find many ways to offer these. For example, tea lights with a butterfly, flower, or even just an ornate candleholder for them can work very well.
  • Go with simple but elegant; for example, consider small, frosted glass candleholders. Place a candle within. Have them etched or monogrammed with your initials or even with your wedding date, names and a personalized message to your guests.

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Things To Keep In Mind

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There are several things to remember about candles. You may wish to select environmentally friendly candles. Some brides and grooms want to be careful with scented candles, which can irritate some people. You may also want to box up the candle in a beautiful box, ribbon or in another way to make it that much more beautiful.

One of the nice features of candles is that they are affordable. They are beautiful and even luxurious in many ways, especially when you select something more refined. You can also find a range of different candles to select from right online. There is no need to spend too much here.

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