Wedding Cake Toppers Figurines

Wedding cake toppers figurines have been in use for decades. These figures are generally the bride and the groom, standing next to each other. In the 1920's, 30's and for several decades later, the most commonly found cake topper were in fact the bride and groom, usually in a cartoonish style. Yet, over time, these figures became more precision and very realistic. Today, you will find much more than just the tradition bride and groom figures to put on top of your cake.

What To Top Your Cake With

Creme and gold ribbon wedding cake.

What should be at the top of your cake? There are many options to consider. While many people still like the traditional look of the bride and groom figurines, you do not have to go with this route. Also, keep in mind that many of those traditional standing side-by-side designs are less common. Now, you will the couple dancing, the bride in her groom's arms, and even the groom down on one knee. For those looking for traditional options, also keep in mind the option of purchasing a vintage or replica wedding cake topper. These are available from many of the styles common during the early 1900's, for example. This is a great look if you are in fact having a vintage style wedding.

bride and groom at wedding.

Wedding Cake Toppers That Are Unique

Blue aqua wedding cake.

On the other hand, perhaps you do not want traditional wedding cake toppers figurines. You want something different and unique. You can find many fun options to consider and you can personalize your cake toppers as well. Everything from hair color, race, cultural outfits and other religious and cultural aspects can be specified and are available in wedding cake toppers. Even eye color is a choice in some.

For those who want something unique, consider figures doing fun activities or even in a theme that represents you and your wedding. You can even find wedding cake toppers that are dressed in western clothing. Be as creative or as traditional as you would like to with your wedding cake topper since this is your special way of capping your cake.

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