Wedding Dress Up

Playing wedding dress up is something many girls do at a very young age. The look and feel of being a bride is something no one can pass up. If your child is hoping to start pretending in a wedding dress, you may want to encourage it. While you may not want to head out and purchase a full-blown wedding dress for your child just yet, you can select a dress for pretend play. What should you get? Here are some tips.

Dress Up Kits

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Go for a kit that stocks the shelves with a variety of dress up items for your child. Wedding dresses are often included here or, if not you can add to them. These kits allow children to be as creative as their imagines can make them be. Creativity is one of the most important elements in a developing child's brain. In fact, pretend play is an essential tool for the development of the child not only for being artful and playful, but also for developing the skills of communication, social interactions as well as foundations they will need for school.

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Find Smaller Dresses

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For wedding dress up, you must have a few things! If you are looking for a wedding dress for dress up, you may want to check out First Communion dresses for younger girls. These are often in sizes of young girls and they look very similar to wedding dresses, without the long train. To add to this, consider a pair of mom's old shoes, a shawl, and definitely some beads. Toy tiaras and necklaces can also add to the overall look of this special day. In addition, do not forget the boys. Groom dress up is just as fun and can happen with men's clothing or young boy's. You can often find great options in thrifts stores, too.

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Wedding dress up is a lot of fun for both boys and girls. Go ahead and help your child to fill a truck with fun dress up items that they will love to play with for years to come and you will love the memories.

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