Wedding Invitation Card

The wedding invitation card may be the most important of any part wedding invitation. Actually, it is, for without the actual card the guests would not be able to have any of the vital information that is necessary in order to get to your wedding and actually congratulate you on the marriage. There is more to it than that however, as the card will also show many things about you and your spouse as well as give insight into the type of couple you are going to be.

What To Choose

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When it comes to the invitation card for your wedding, there are many options and themes one can choose to send out the message about your wedding. You will want there to not only be all of the vital information in regards to the actual wedding, but you do also need to include the names of your parents as well. Make sure that the card that you choose to use is representative of you, from the colors, to the statements that are on the card as well. This is a once in a lifetime chance to plan and do everything in just the way that you would want it done, take advantage and pick the best card to do that. The right type of paper, script and even the border are all representations of you.

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What Goes With The Card

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After you pick and design your card, you will need to assemble all of the items that will need to in with the invite. Included with the invitation should be the response card indicating how many are attending, an envelope to return the invite in, and a list of directions to the wedding as well as the reception. These are all of the essential items that will need to be included with the invitation for you to send out. Make sure to place a stamp and your address on the response card envelope to make it as easy as possible to return the items and to minimize the amount of tracking you will need to do of people that did not respond at all.

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