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Calligraphy Pen, Calligraphy Pen Set, Calligraphy Markers

Calligraphy Pens Calligraphy pens will make your penmanship elegant. The chiseled point lets you create flowing script simply by turning the pen.

Choose from many ink colors to coordinate with your wedding stationery ensemble. Metallic gold and metallic silver are two popular options for your wedding stationery.

Creme and gold ribbon wedding cake.

Your wedding invitations should be addressed by hand and you may use black or blue ink. Some brides address their invitations using the theme color of the wedding.

Popular Wedding Calligraphy Pens Include:

Gold Metallic Calligraphy Pen
Silver Metallic Calligraphy Pen
Black Calligraphy Pen
Purple Calligraphy Pen
Emerald Calligraphy Pen
Blue Calligraphy Pen
Maroon Calligraphy Pen

Wedding Invitation Calligraphy Tips:

bride and groom at wedding.

Blue aqua wedding cake.

Bride holding grooms wedding ring.

Bride and groom dancing.

bridal champagne bouquet.

Calligraphy Pen, Calligraphy Pen Set, Calligraphy Markers.

* Common titles such as Mr., Mrs., and Ms. can be abbreviated.

* Formal titles such as Doctor, Reverend, and Captain should be written (see below for more examples).

* If you are sending an invitation to a teenager, be sure to put a title before their name (Miss, Mr.).

* If you are sending an invitation to a guest and their children, do not put the children's names on the outer envelope. Address it to the parents and include the children's names on the inner envelope. Their name should be listed below the parents' names on the inner envelope.

* Be sure to also include the street address and zip codes on the outer envelope. The street name and state should be spelled out.

Formal Title Examples
Outer envelope: The Reverend Rod Smith
Inner envelope: The Reverend Smith
Roman Catholics would use Father

Outer envelope: Rabbi Walden Goldstein
Inner envelope: Rabbi Goldstein

Outer envelope: John Smith, M.D. or Doctor Walter Connors
Inner envelope: Dr. Connors

Outer envelope: Ms. Isabella Turner, Esq.
Inner envelope: Ms. Turner

Outer envelope: The Honorable Michael Dest
Inner envelope: Judge Dest

Outer envelope: Captain Paul Hook
Inner envelope: Captain Hook

Outer envelope: Professor Lee Velasco or Lee Velasco, Ph.D.
Inner envelope: Prof. Velasco

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cream colored wedding bouquet.

Bride laying on bed.

Bride and groom's hands with wedding  rings.

Bride and groom at reception.

Fall color red wedding bouquet.

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