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A plume pen will add an elegant touch to your guest book. Many of these ballpoint pens feature ostrich feather plumes and rest in brass bases covered in velvet to match the plume color.

Traditional Plume Pens with elegant bases make a beautiful accent by your guest book. A very unique and classy touch.

Creme and gold ribbon wedding cake.

Man has been using quill feather pens for well over a thousand years, now. The origin of the word pen has Latin roots. The Latin word penna, means feather, hence pen. The feather pen is reminiscent of the quill feather pen, and is the perfect thing to have your guests write sentiments with.

Two of the most popular feather pen types are:

  • White Plume Pen
  • Ivory Plume Pen

bride and groom at wedding.

Blue aqua wedding cake.

Bride holding grooms wedding ring.

Bride and groom dancing.

bridal champagne bouquet.

Plume Pen.

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cream colored wedding bouquet.

Bride laying on bed.

Bride and groom's hands with wedding  rings.

Bride and groom at reception.

Fall color red wedding bouquet.

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