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What You Should Know BEFORE You Buy Wedding Rings Online

As time has changed so have consumer traditions and buying patterns. The rich tradition of exchanging vows as a symbol of love and devotion is still a traditional time honored ritual practiced in many cultures. Certain aspects of engagement and marriage have changed with time however.

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Whereas in times of old a couple might take several outings together in search of the perfect engagement rings or wedding bands, in modern times more and more couples are buying engagement rings, wedding rings and wedding bands online. Thanks to the internet and the resulting access to a global marketplace, couples are realizing they have more options available to them all from the comforts of their living room, and, often at better prices!

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Here are some suggestions to help your online wedding ring quest go smoothly:

  • Know what type of engagement rings (diamond, gemstone, bands) or wedding rings you are looking for, but consider looking at many different varieties. You may change your mind about what type of ring best symbolizes your relationship and love.
  • Make shopping online romantic! Place some candles around the computer, turn on your song and have some wine! Buying engagement rings, wedding rings and wedding bands online can be just as fun and exciting as buying them in person... and even more fun when you create a loving and warm atmosphere.
  • Review a fair number of styles, then narrow down your options. There are an incredible variety of engagement rings and wedding bands available: titanium, platinum, white gold, traditional gold, silver, gemstone, diamond... the list goes on and on. Once you have reviewed a fair number of styles be sure to compile a list of your favorites to narrow down your search.
  • Know your ring size! Nothing is more obnoxious than having to have a ring re-sized before you wear it. There are several websites that offer jewelry sizing online. Typically women wear between a size 5-9 and men between sizes 8-12. The average for men: a 10; the average for women: a 7.
  • When buying diamond rings - familiarize yourself with the four Cs: cut, color, carat and clarity.
Read the article below for some tips and tricks for selecting wedding rings:

Unique and Unusual Wedding Ring Options - Break Out of the Ordinary!

Rings that display Celtic knot work are becoming ever more popular choices for wedding bands. As it has no beginning or end, the round shape of the wedding or engagement ring band is a sign of never-ending love and fidelity. The continuous strand of the Celtic knot is also a sign of perpetuity and is a striking complement to the symbolism of the ring itself. The crossing of the strands of the knot stands for how our lives are intertwined.

Spirals, Triskeles, and Triquetas, Shield Knots and Sun Symbols are all types of Irish wedding rings. However, most popular by far is the Irish Claddagh. Different traditions give different meanings to the Claddagh, depending on how it is worn. The tale of the Claddagh starts when buccaneers captured a fisherman Richard Joyce and other crewmembers shortly before Joyce was to be married. They sold Joyce to an Algerian goldsmith, and it was there that Joyce made the first Claddagh, named for the village where his fiancée still waited for him.

Two German mineralogists discovered the cubic form of zirconium oxide in 1937, but it wasn't until the 1970s that Soviet scientists learned how to grow this mineral in the laboratory. It was then that jewelry designers first took notice of Cubic Zirconia. Swarovski & Co., a world-renowned Austrian producer of leaded crystal, began producing Cubic Zirconia in mass quantities, and that is when the substance really took off. Even trained gemologists find it difficult to tell the difference between Cubic Zirconia and real diamonds with the naked eye.

Any ring that can be made with near-colorless diamonds can also be made with yellow diamonds. It may be harder owing to the uncommonness of yellow diamonds, and the greater problem of finding matching stones, but it can be done, with great results. Fancy colored diamonds are very effective when used together with white diamonds. Solitaire rings remain a favorite for fancy colored diamonds.

Wedding rings are a sign of union. This custom of making public the union between a man and a woman is a tradition that goes way back to the ancient Egyptians. Rushes growing on the banks of the Nile were braided around the finger. Although this tradition goes back thousands of years the wearing of men's wedding bands is much newer - this custom only started after the Second World War.

Wedding rings are perhaps the most significant piece of jewelry you and your intended spouse will exchange during your lives, regardless of their design. Although a lot of brides and grooms prefer to have matching rings, it is not essential. Because it's the hardest type of gold, and it maintains its luster better over time, 14-karat is most commonly used for wedding bands.

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