Name Change List

So you're getting married (or just recently got married) and need to know who you need to contact to get your name changed. We have put together a printable list of some of the common places you will need to notify in case of a name change. This list is not all-inclusive and some may not apply to your circumstances.

_____ Checking
_____ Savings
_____ Personal Checks
_____ Other

_____ Visa
_____ Master Card
_____ American Express
_____ Discover
_____ Other Major Credit Cards
_____ Department Stores

_____ 401K
_____ Business Cards
_____ W2's
_____ W4's

_____ Dental
_____ Medical
_____ Life
_____ Car
_____ Homeowners/Rental

_____ Cable/Satellite
_____ Electric
_____ Gas
_____ Telephone
_____ Trash
_____ Water
_____ Other

_____ Car Registration
_____ Car Title
_____ Club Memberships (Health, Private, etc.)
_____ College/High School Alumni Associations
_____ Dentist
_____ Discount Clubs (Sam's Club, Costco, etc.)
_____ Doctor
_____ Drivers License
_____ Internet Service Providers (AOL, Earthlink, etc.)
_____ IRS
_____ Landlord
_____ Library Card
_____ Magazine Subscriptions
_____ Passport
_____ Post Office
_____ Professional Organizations
_____ Property Titles
_____ Social Security Card
_____ Stocks/Bonds
_____ Video Store
_____ Voter's Registration
_____ Wills/Legal Documents

By Vanessa Kasal Kunze

Bridal Name Change Kit

Designed for the new bride who is ready to relax after all that wedding planning. The name change kit includes the information, government documents, and forms you need to change from your maiden name to your married name.

The Official New Bride Name Change Kit is a consolidated, easy-to-use name change kit for the new bride, customized to the bride's state and zip code.

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