2 Quick Tips for Dressing Up a Wedding Ceiling Canopy

Brides today have many options for dressing up their wedding venue and reception site, and a wedding ceiling canopy is becoming a popular choice for many. These canopies are made from tulle or another fabric and swag from the sides of the room to the middle. They give the room height and can also be used to hide a ceiling that is not very attractive, such as a dropped ceiling or one with water damage.
If you want to use a wedding ceiling canopy for your own ceremony site or reception site, there are some things you can do to make it even dressier than it already is. Let's look at two quick tips you might consider for your wedding decoration.

Use Lights for Elegant Sparkling Reception Hall Ceiling Decor

When you add a wedding ceiling canopy to your wedding décor, consider adding some lights as well. You can use rope lights or the lights you would use on a Christmas tree and run these along the edge of the fabric you use for your wedding ceiling canopy. This will give the fabric an added glow and an elegant feel.

You can also use lights to tie the fabric in certain areas so that the wedding ceiling canopy has more depth and dimension. See about adding lights to your wedding décor and wedding decorations to give your reception an elegant touch.

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Tie Up Your Ceiling Canopy in Decorative Ways

Another way to dress up your wedding ceiling canopy is to tie it up in decorative ways. You may notice that typically a canopy as part of wedding decorations just swags from the wall to the ceiling. But you can tie the swags in the middle with festive ribbons or other complimentary pieces of fabric for an added touch to your wedding décor.

You can also get creative with how you tie your wedding ceiling canopy; visit the craft store for long strings of beads or crystals which can really add elegance. You may even find other fabrics you can use for your wedding decorations which will dress up your wedding ceiling canopy.

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Choose the Design that Fits in with Your Theme

Try these suggestions for your wedding décor and see if they don't add a breathtaking touch. A wedding ceiling canopy can add a beautiful and elegant touch to your ceremony or reception, and is becoming a popular choice for brides. You can also use these quick tips to dress up your wedding décor and canopy for even more elegance and added flair to your wedding decorations.

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