Dressing Up Wedding Wall Drapes and Wall Drapes for a Wedding

Today's brides know that every detail of a wedding is important, and this includes the decorations you use on the walls. Many are opting for wedding wall drapes as a part of their wedding décor, and for good reason. These drapes add a dramatic flair to the wedding decorations and can hide imperfections in the walls of the ceremony or reception site.

Using wedding wall drapes is an expensive way of setting a great tone or feeling for the ceremony or reception site, but there are ways to dress up these drapes even more. Let's look at two quick and easy ways to do just this.

Add Lights to Wedding Wall Drapes

Adding lights to your drapes is a great way to add an even more elegant touch to this type of wedding decoration. You can use the same lights you use on Christmas trees or rope lights up the side of the wedding wall drapes. This will draw the eye to them and give the ceremony or reception site a beautiful feeling.

You can also wrap the lights around columns that are next to the drapes as well, or wrap the column with drapes and then wrap lights around this for even more depth and texture. This will also hide unsightly columns if you use the wedding wall drapes in this way.

Creme and gold ribbon wedding cake.

Tie Your Wedding Wall Drapes

You can give the drapes added visual appeal if you tie them in the middle. You can use your lights to do this or use wide ribbon. You can also use the same material used for the wedding wall drapes themselves. Tying them in the middle gives them added visual interest and is an easy way to make them seem elegant and classy as well.

When considering the use of drapes, don't forget that they're an easy and quick way to hide unsightly walls or outlets, or other problems along the walls of your ceremony or reception site. So don't overlook this important detail of your wedding décor and try wedding wall drapes for an instantly elegant feel.

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Hide Ugly Reception Hall Walls with Drapes

Many brides today are opting for wedding wall drapes, either as a way to add elegance or as a way to hide unsightly walls at the ceremony or reception site. We are glad to offer some quick and dirty tips on how you can dress up these drapes so they add elegance to your wedding décor.

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