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Today's brides know to pay attention to every detail of their wedding ceremony and reception, and this includes the appearance of the ceiling! Using wedding ceiling draping as part of your wedding décor can give your location an elegant look and feel, and can also be used to hide an unsightly ceiling as well.Choosing the right wedding ceiling draping can be a difficult task, if you're not sure of what you need to look for and of how to dress it up appropriately. These simple tips will help your draping match the wedding decorations and to look elegant and tasteful as well.

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But how do you choose wedding ceiling draping for your ceremony or reception site? It might be tempting to just pick out white tulle or whatever is cheapest, but this will probably do little to enhance your wedding decorations. Instead, consider a few points regarding the right wedding ceiling draping for your location:

o Choose colors that match or compliment your wedding colors and wedding decorations.
o Enhance your wedding ceiling draping by adding strings of lights or rope lights.
o Tie the middle of the draping with large ribbons or complimentary pieces of materials.

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It's also a good idea to have your wedding ceiling draping installed by a professional. The reception or ceremony site may do this for you. Trying to get up on a ladder with a staple gun and some material will probably be awkward and downright dangerous for you, if you're even allowed access to your location ahead of time.

A professional decorator handling your wedding decorations and wedding décor may also be able to provide additional tips for choosing your wedding ceiling draping. For instance, having too many panels may make it seem overwhelming. Also, you want it to drape for a nice touch but too much draping and it will seem as if the ceiling is caving in! Let them give you some recommendations for how the draping should look at your site.

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Blue aqua wedding cake. You can also mimic the look of your wedding ceiling draping by using the same fabric and colors on your tablecloths and other elements. In this way your entire location will look as if it's pulled together and planned. By using these tips for choosing and dressing up your draping, your wedding decorations will seem elegant and tasteful and downright breathtaking. Bride laying on bed.
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